Where to Buy Amber Teething Necklace

where to buy amber teething necklace

Sawyer thinks you should buy your amber teething necklace right here!

If you’re pondering where to buy amber teething necklace questions, you’ve come to the right place!

Not only do we well genuine raw Baltic amber teething necklaces in our online shop, but we’re also happy to walk you through all of the ins an outs of buying the best necklace possible.

Unlike diapers or formula, you can’t pick up an amber necklace at Wal-Mart or the corner store so you’ll have to be a little more resourceful and strategic when shopping for a teething necklace.

Let’s jump right in and look at best options when it comes to where to buy an amber teething necklace!

Our Where to Buy Amber Teething Necklace Guide

Most people end up buying their amber teething necklaces online, but you can sometimes find necklaces for sale at farmer’s markets or at local specialty shops.

buying an amber teething necklace

If possible always try to buy a raw amber teething necklace as it has the highest amount of succinic acid.

The only downside to buying locally is that your selection may be limited, especially when it comes to finding a raw amber teething necklace.

You’ll typically just find polished amber necklaces at farmer’s markets and shops, as the sellers often don’t know the difference between raw amber and polished amber.

Be sure to ask the seller about where their amber is sourced from. Amber comes from around the world but it is only Baltic amber that has a high concentration of succinic acid — a natural pain reliever thought to be the mechanism behind using amber for pain relief.

Inspect the necklace to make sure that the thread used is looped through each bead and double-knotted on either side. Only buy neclaces with safet screw clasp and never buy a necklace with a clasping mechanism that won’t break or part under pressure.

If you’re buying online, all of the above concerns also apply with a few extra wrinkles.

Pay attention to where the seller is located, especially if buying on eBay. Buying from an international seller could entail very long wait times for packages going through customs — not ideal when your little one is teething and in pain!

As with any online purchase, make sure you factor in shipping cost as well. It’s easy with if you buy an amber teething necklace from us — shipping is always free! — but shipping costs at other online merchants can significantly increase the final cost.