Raw Amber Teething Necklaces

Unlike some retailers, we sell a limited number of amber teething necklace styles and only stock necklaces made from raw Baltic amber. The reasons are simple.

  • We’re extremely picky about the products we offer, with safety first and foremost.
  • We hand-inspect and test all the amber teething necklaces that we sell.
  • We only stock high-quality, well-made products that use genuine raw Baltic amber.

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We run a small family business and we’re not some faceless corporation or dropshipper that pretends to stock hundreds of necklaces and bracelets in endless color combinations but really is sending your order to an overseas company to be processed and shipped.

Amber teething necklaces aren’t fashion accessories and should never be sold or marketed like typical jewelry.

The Source of Our Raw Amber Teething Necklaces

The amber in all of our teething necklaces comes from genuine raw Baltic amber collected in Lithuania.

genuine baltic amber

Genuine Baltic amber occurs naturally in many different colors.

Baltic amber has the highest succinic acid content of any amber so the area it is collected in is very important when using amber to soothe teething pain.

Raw amber is preferred by many in teething necklaces as it has the highest amount of succinic acid and is not treated or altered in any way.

Amber necklaces have been used in Europe and other regions for thousands of years to naturally soothe teething pain, treat arthritis, and to ease inflammation and other pain.

All of our necklaces are hand-crafted and double looped, so that any break in the necklace will allow just one bead to come loose to minimize choking hazard.

All of our amber teething necklaces incorporate a safety screw clasp that is designed to break under pressure.

What to Look for in a Quality Amber Teething Necklace

Our own son wears his amber necklace daily so we take quality and safety very seriously in all the necklaces we sell.

Never pick a necklace solely based on a low price and always be sure to check a few key elements in any amber teething necklace you’re thinking of purchasing.

Length:  Amber teething necklaces should be from about 12″ to 14″ in length.  They should not be chewed on and a length in that range reduces safety risks and prevents your child from easily lifting them up and placing the necklace in their mouth.

Craftmanship: Every bead on the necklace should be double-looped. This means if the necklace breaks, only one bead will fall off and become loose.

Safety Clasp: It should have a screw clasp at the back designed to separate under minimal pressure to reduce choking hazards.

Source of Amber: Amber from the Baltic region is highest in succinic acid. Raw Baltic amber that has not been polished or treated has the highest succinic acid content of any amber, making it the best choice for teething necklaces.

Three Excellent Reasons NOT to Buy an Amber Teething Necklace

  • You aren’t able to closely supervise your child when they’re wearing them.
  • You expect a magic solution to eliminate all teething pain — there is no magic solution.
  • You only trust conventional medicine backed by exhaustive clinical trials.

If you’ve already decided that raw amber necklaces are a hoax, please don’t buy any of our products.

raw amber teething necklaces

Happy, smiling kids are enough evidence for many parents that amber teething necklaces can soothe pain.

We’d much rather see our necklaces go to happy parents and smiling children who understand the pros and cons and have an open mind and are interested in natural medicine.

If you’re open minded and willing to try natural cures to help ease some of the misery related to teething, raw amber teething necklaces may be a great choice.

Thousands and thousands of parents swear by raw amber teething necklaces, even if there’s no scientific evidence to point to their effectiveness.