Honey Soother Amber Teething Necklace

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The Honey Soother is one of our more popular raw amber teething necklace, made from genuine raw Baltic amber from Lithuania.

Each necklace is unique and hand-made, with double-loop threading and knotting around each bead and a screw clasp for maximum safety.

The length varies slightly due to the fact that each necklace is handmade and is typically 12″ to 12.5″ long — a perfect size for young babies but also long enough for your little one to wear until 3-4 years old in most cases.

Each of our necklaces (Honey, Maple, and Popcorn) uses the same raw, unpolished Baltic amber — the only difference is the color of the amber that is used for the beads.

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Color, size, and shape may vary slightly from the necklace shown in the pictures due to the handmade nature of the necklaces.

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Honey Soother raw amber teething necklace

Our Honey Soother raw amber teething necklace.

The Honey Soother and all of our teething necklaces are made of raw, unpolished amber from Lithuania.

Raw Baltic amber has the highest succinic acid content of any amber on the planet, which may maximize the effectiveness of raw amber teething necklaces versus those made with polished amber.

Each necklace we sell includes double-loop threading around each bead and a screw clasp for maximum safety.

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