Caring for Your Amber Teething Necklace

caring for your amber teething necklace

Amber teething necklaces do require some special care and attention.

Thank you for ordering an amber teething necklace from us and welcome to the family!

As you and your little teether are waiting for your order to arrive, we wanted to remind you of a few simple tips about your new necklace.

If you have any questions you can always contact us by email or through our Facebook page!

  • Always supervise when your little one is wearing their necklace, especially when it is first put on.

  • Necklaces should not be tugged or chewed on.

  • If your little one insists on chewing or tugging on the necklace, remove and try introducing again in a few days.

  • The safety screw clasp on our necklaces is designed to part and break under very little pressure to reduce strangulation risks.

  • Even little hands are strong enough to break necklaces at the screw clasp if they’re not watched closely and tug and pull on them.

  • Light washing from time to time is fine but remove necklaces at bath time or when swimming to preserve the natural pain relieving properties.

  • While some parents choose to allow their little ones to wear their necklaces constantly, we recommend removing at bed time.