The Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Difference

genuine baltic amber teething necklace

Amber occurs naturally in many different colors, shapes, and sizes.

A true Baltic amber teething necklace is best for relieving teething pain, although you’ll need to pay close attention to where amber in necklaces is sourced from.

“Baltic amber” has become a generic term and amber is found around the world. This means that amber mined from Canada, Myanmar,¬†and the Dominican¬†Republic is sometimes¬†marketed and sold as Baltic amber.

The difference is important and you should only buy Baltic amber teething necklaces made from amber collected in the true Baltic nations — Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

The reason is simple. The amber deposits in those countries are the highest in the world in succinic acid, containing up to 8%.

raw baltic amber teething necklace

Insect trapped in Baltic amber.

Amber is fossilized tree resin and has been collected, traded, and used for thousands of years, made into necklaces and jewelry and traded throughout the world.

Amber comes in six primary types: Baltic amber, Black amber, Blue amber, Copal, Delatynite, and Dominican amber.

Baltic amber washes up on shores of the Baltic Sea and is also mined through conventional pit mines and excavation in some areas.

The very high succinic acid content is the reason that Baltic amber is also referred to as succinite.

Insist on a Raw Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

Not all amber is created equal, with many types containing no succinic acid whatsoever, while Baltic amber has the highest levels.

Succinic acid has been linked with pain and inflammation relief when heated. This is the reasons that wearing a Baltic amber teething necklace has been used for teething and pain relief for thousands of years.

When shopping for a necklace, try to select a raw Baltic amber teething necklace such as we sell here.

raw baltic amber

Always try to find a raw Baltic amber teething necklace as opposed to one that uses polished amber.

Polished amber necklaces are blasted with high pressure water and treated with chemicals. The polishing process can strip much of the outer layers off of the amber, which is typically where the highest levels of succinic acid are.

Raw amber is not only free of chemicals but may provide the most pain relief as well.

As far as ensuring that you’re getting a necklace made from raw Baltic amber, only shop with merchants who clearly state the source of their amber teething necklaces.