Amber Teething Necklace Safety Tips

amber teething necklace safety

Children should always be supervised when wearing an amber teething necklace.

Never buy an amber teething necklace from anyone who claims that amber necklaces are completely safe or brushes off concerns about amber teething necklace safety.

Any necklace can be extremely dangerous for babies and young children. Beaded necklaces are especially dangerous as they can break and be choking hazards.

Every parent is faced with hundreds of decisions each day that can impact the safety of their child, from getting into a car to choosing what food is for breakfast.

Amber teething necklace safety is like any other potential hazard your child may face; whether they are safe or not depends on YOU, the parent.

Amber Teething Necklace Safety Checklist

  • Make sure the necklace isn’t too long. All of the necklaces we sell are 11.5″ to 12.5″ long — a perfect length that will properly fit more children from the age of 6 months to 3 years+.
  • Amber necklaces are meant to be worn against the skin and not chewed. Encourage your child not to chew them; if they keep chewing the necklace days after initially putting it on, remove and try again later.
  • All beads should be individually double-looped and knotted on each side of every bead. This ensures that if the necklace does break, only one bead at most will come loose.
  • Choose a necklace with a simple screw clasp and never use a necklace with a stronger clasping mechanism that won’t break under strong pressure.
  • Closely supervise your child at all times while wearing an amber necklace. Remove the necklace at night during bedtime.
  • Choose a necklace with smaller beads and avoid necklaces that incorporate amber chips or very large beads.